Solanas was born in Madrid where she spent most of her childhood. Her interest for art began at a very young age and she has been painting ever since.

Solanas traveled the world living in differents countries. Her work is influenced by the numerous cultures she has encountered.

Despite graduated in entrepeneurship and licensed in law, she has achived her work with her art studies starting up History of the Arts at the Louvre in Paris.

Her style takes a new turn when she moves to Mexico DF in 1998 and works in the studio of Dolores de la Barra, a mexican impressionist painter. She also attends the alternative attelier of Juan Manuel Mauleon, where she acquires and applies different creative methods, thus giving a free substance and depth to her art.

In 2000 she moves to Cincinnatti - Ohio, where she continues to acquire technique and inspiration at the AIC college of design of Cincinnatti.

She has lately undergone a sculpture course in La Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid.

The core of Solanas' paintings is focused on body and colours with particular fascination for sand and marble paint.

Her work has been awarded for the "Federation Nationale de la Culture Française" by the "Golden Canvas 2014"

Also International award Francisco de Goya 2017

MUSA international Award 2018

International Prize CARAVAGGIO 2018

International Prize Leonardo da Vinci 2020